Avoid This Cosmetic Materials For Oily Face

Blackheads and excess oil are two of the various types of  Health problems that can occur on the skin. So, blackheads include two types, namely black comedones and blackheads and white. Black blackheads are types of blackheads that are not covered by the epithelium of the skin so it is easy to be removed and turned black due to oxidation. While blackheads are white blob sebum or oil covered by the epithelium of the skin, making it difficult to remove. These blackheads can occur either because of large pores which are generally owned by their oily skin type.

You must be careful in choosing beauty products to be used in everyday life. One is to avoid products that are comedogenic. Comedogenic means products that can close or clog the pores of your face so that the face can not breathe and can be the home of the dust and dirt. As a result, your face will be more prone to blackheads and oil. Note label cosmetic or other beauty products, and choose a non-comedogenic.