Shrink Your Annoying Pores

Pores is a small cavity into the skin respiration access. With the pores of the skin can metabolize and regeneration with ease. But very often the problem arises of large pores, especially on the face. The emergence of large pores on the face is not actually serious Health problems. Nevertheless, with the appearance of large pores in the face then we would be disturbed appearance. Even the presence of large pores in our skin will face more risk of causing pimples and blackheads.

Therefore you can do exfoliation. What’s exfoliation? It is a method of treatment that aims to remove the blackheads, residual sweat, dust, and dirt on the face. Some person calls it scrubbing process. There are so many ingredients that you can use as a scrub. Starting from sugar, teacup, seeds, and others.  Select one of these materials, for example, teas. Then puree but not too smooth, leave little small granules (such as sand). Then rub the tea dregs after you have finished bathing slowly on skin problems.